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From ‘Archive 1996 – what were we up to 20 years ago?’, the Spring 1986 meeting item ‘Visit to Computer Section and demonstration of database systems (Sepasal)’. ASK SEPASAL! For the past three years the SEPASAL unit has been collating information about plants from the dry tropics that have been reported to be useful (in […]

1986 Autumn meeting

Bristol Museum and Art Gallery Agenda [The c1996 (?) note on the original MCG site said: ‘This is only a partial record: an initial paper plus certain figures. If any members have retained more from the day please let us know. Figures are linked where present.’] Documentation and computerisation in the Museum Documentation…continued General documentation […]

1986 Spring meeting – what were we up to 20 years ago?

Spring meeting Museums Computer Group Program 10.30 coffee 11.00 introduction to Kew and overview of computing facilities. Museum Computer Group secretariat: MDA proposal (copy attached). Spectra Announcement + Draft Factsheet 12.30 Lunch 14.00 Use of Status package on system so far developed. Visit to Computer Section and demonstration of database systems (Sepasal). 16.30 Discussion 17.00 […]

Hello world! First ever MCG meeting

The Museums Computer Group began when people met at the Sedgwick Museum, Cambridge, over 15-16 October 1982, at the end of which it was decided that they should meet again and be The Museums Computer Group, with Bill Pettitt as chair. They then met as the MCG on 15-16 April 1983 at the Manchester Museum.

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